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Our Team

Services Offered

  • Life Saving Skills and Concepts

  • Aviation Security and Transportation Services

  • Travel Safety Services and Programs

  • Weapons and Defensive Tactics Training

  • ​Vulnerability Assessments

Life Saving Skills and Concepts

  • We educate and empower students by using protection protocols that keep one safe from criminal and terrorist threats throughout our society. We use real life experiences and training from special operations personnel.

Travel Safety Services and Programs 

  • Sierra 3 developed tactical methods to ensure safe operating procedures from point of departure to destination. Some of these include: Cultural/Profile Awareness, Risk/Threat Assessment based on counter-terrorist analysis to protect persons and property.

Weapons Training

  • We cover a full spectrum of small arms training from beginners to experts that includes: pistol, rifle and team tactics.

Defensive Tactics

  • Sierra 3 customizes training that includes basic self defence for children, adults, seniors, law enforcement, private security and military.  Specialized instruction includes weapons retention, disarmament and search/seizure methods.

Vulnerability Assessments

  • ​Our philosophy is to utilize the extensive security experience of our personnel to evaluate and to make recommendations to our clients that are in their best interest based on the type of business, threat and desire to have overall security of their data, facilities, personnel and equipment.